About me

I started my career as a social worker after having completed my Degree in Social Work within the University of Malta. After some years, I decided to go into lecturing and have been teaching future care workers for the past years. In the meantime, I decide to pursue further my studies and obtained a Master Degree in Sociology and a Post-Graduate Certificate in Gestalt Therapy, which allowed me to register myself as a therapist.

I was always interested to have something of my own where I could reflect, write and discuss human issues. The aim of this blog is to focus on passing on a positive message especially during this time and age when we encounter such pain, discrimination, fear and terror.


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By now, I guess most of you have heard about the project Atlas of Beauty by Mihaela Noroc. It is such an inspiring project of a photographer who’s quest is to photograph beautiful women in their natural state from around the world. If you give a look at this project, you will be amazed with … Continue reading Beauty

On Listening

Painting by┬áRafael Kazienko   After listening to Pope’s Francis speech on listening I thought of writing some words about the topic. As the Pope said we need to find time to listen to each other, but we should not limit ourselves to hearing only the words which are being spoken. Words can say a lot … Continue reading On Listening

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